Napa Valley & California Olive Oil

  • logonapavalley
    Napa Valley Olive Oil$34.95
    Straw color, smooth and fresh aromas; fine and fruity palate with a spicy finish. Clean, lively and crisp with citrus and ripe green apple flavors. This elegant high elevation Napa Valley Olive Oil is perfect to have and use on a daily bases. Diamond Mountain is one of my favorite wine AVAs in Napa Valley and I love this olive oil
  • californialime.jpg
    California Lime$29.95
    California Lime in my personal opinion is one of my most fun olive oils for culinary use every day. As a finishing oil on top of soups, pastas, roasted veggies, the wonderful aroma rises through the air as its warmed on-top of the food. I love it with arugula salad, or as a condiment to freshly popped popcorn(oh-my). For the seafood lovers and the Salmon season coming up the lime olive oil and my apple-wood smoked sea salt on grilled or roasted Salmon is just fantastic.
  • Maddiemix
    Maddie Mix$29.95
    I created this versatile vinaigrette as a tribute to my daughter Madeline and the beautiful Napa Valley, where I reside. With black pepper, chili, garlic, lemon, rosemary, fennel seed, sun-dried tomatoes and sea salt, itís the perfect rub for pork, steak, chicken or lamb. You can also dash it on vegetables, salads and even tofu, and use it to make distinctive salads and marinades.
  • nvevdtb
    California Tuscan Blend$29.95
    This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Robust blend of California grown Leccino and Frantoio olive oils. Our Tuscan Blend is lively, robust, and rich in aroma and flavor. With a much more olive forward flavor and spicy finish, this oil is perfect for drizzling at the finish for a more intense and singular taste sensation.
  • garlic100ml.jpg
    Garlic Infused$34.95
    To create this extraordinary full flavored and perfectly balanced olive oil, we use only the freshest ingredients in precise proportions. The moment a bottle is opened the abundant aroma of fresh roasted garlic permeates the air. The intense garlic flavors dance across the palate with a naturally robust tang. The fresh garlic adds to the health benefits of our all-natural extra virgin olive oil. Fresh Harvest Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best infused garlic olive oil for garlic lovers
  • Meyer Lemon$29.95
    We use hand-picked fresh Meyer Lemons that are cold pressed within hours of harvest. This creates an aromatic lemon olive oil that is extremely smooth and bursting with sweet lemon flavor. Our Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very distinct, light and refreshing. The combination of fresh citrus and our extra virgin olive oil deliver the health benefits of antioxidants in every serving.
  • nvevvp
    2 100ml bottle Gift Pack$18.50
    This is the perfect gift for all your friends 2 100ml bottles filled with our olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simply wrapped in a travel friendly cello-bag and classic ribbon. With the holiday season coming right up I am packaging our 100 ml travel size bottles the perfect holiday season gift. The 100ml gift sized bottles are available in all sorts of quantity options. Starting with our ever popular 2 bottle variety packs. A bottle each of our olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. We also have our 4 and 6 bottle jute bags stay tuned as the holiday gifting options. Custom packaging is available for corporate gifts Available in larger quantities for bigger savings call 707.260.4490 for inquiries for larger purchases.